The Results

Imagine this…

  • Simply click on a location on a plan and the corresponding images appear, providing a chronological record of the work performed in that spot

  • If you want to check what’s inside a wall, just click a button to go back in time before the work was complete.

  • While in a meeting, having the ability to locate specific photos by room number, direction, date, phase or any other useful criteria in seconds.

Construction photo documentation can be so much more than just proof that someone made a site visit. Through PhotoPlan, you gain an easily accessible and detailed record of construction. It can be used for project coordination, quality control and long-term site documentation.

Share photos and collaborate with your team. Team members can tour current construction status, even if they are located in another part of the country. With availability directly over the Internet through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model—no software purchase required—construction photography has never been simpler.

PhotoPlan transforms construction photography from a jumble of random images into a powerful tool for highly effective short-term project and long-term facilities management.

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