The PhotoPlan Difference

PhotoPlan automatically indexes and organizes all of your construction photo documentation, enabling near-instant photo access through room-by-room intuitive search functionality.

Effortlessly locate any photo by time, location or content through this systematic approach to construction photography—and work on the go through your iPad or mobile device. Then share your results with everyone who needs valuable insight into the project.

Before PhotoPlan

  • Most companies today use a digital camera to document their jobsite visits and construction progress. They walk the site and capture numerous images of interest.

  • Upon returning to the office, they create a directory on the company’s server for these photos and drop them in.

  • The photos are never or rarely seen again due to limited access and lack of organization. Jobsite photos are simply proof that a site visit was made, but aren't useful for much more.


  • Using the same digital cameras and process of taking photos and putting them on a server, PhotoPlan takes care of the work to turn that data into a useful and invaluable resource.

  • PhotoPlan allows users to effortlessly locate any photo by a combination of time, location and content. It keeps the entire team up to date and serves as a permanent record for ongoing facility management.